👋 Hi, I’m Ashlyn

I’m passionate about building great digital products that improve peoples lives. I like to approach complicated problems and design elegant solutions.

I’m a digital product strategist. I find complex problems and dive straight into the heart of them. I have worked in small and large teams from New Zealand in the health, social, energy, and financial sector. I care about the products I work on, and I choose to work on products that improve peoples lives and, hopefully, make a positive environment or social impact.

Why handbooks?

Handbooks are more accessible than ebooks. They’re like books - but designed for people who like the internet.

Digital handbooks are:

  • easier to keep up to date and will always be more relevant,
  • more accessible because I share them for free, and
  • better designed for making content more accessible.

Get in touch

Do you want to have a short chat with me, or do you have any feedback on my handbooks? I work on the Wellington (GMT +13) time zone. Contact me at hey@ashlyn.app.